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It’s good: Barq’s root beer heirs settle inheritance dispute

Heirs of a root beer company founded in Mississippi have settled a legal dispute over an inheritance.

The Sun Herald reports Lou Ella Barq sued her son, Barry Barq, in 2016, claiming he took almost $1.3 million from her. She said he used a power of attorney she granted him after the 2002 death of her husband and his father, William Adoph Barq.

Barry Barq denied wrongdoing.

William Barq was the final family president of Barq’s root beer — a company founded in Biloxi in 1898 that used the slogan: “It’s Good.” Barq’s is now owned by The Coca-Cola Co.

Barry Barq’s attorney, Nathan Prescott, says a confidential settlement was reached in a Mississippi court.

Lou Ella Barq, now 91, says she and her son are on speaking terms.

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